Age concern


I’m on a training course. There are seven people on the course. Before we joined we had to send in a short biography, a few lines describing ourselves to our course mates. When we arrived the thumbnail sketches were waiting for us on a sheet of paper, to help us get to know our colleagues.

Of the seven people, three are female and the rest (straightforwardly) are male. Three of the men started their portraits with a statement about their age. None of the women mentioned their age.

Looking around the room I estimate that we are all in the 48 to 58 age range and I am probably the youngest. We don’t really need to define ourselves by our age. It is obvious.

So why do men, of a certain age (me included), feel the need to state it as a primary characteristic? And why do women choose not to mention their age at all? Is it because we subconsciously want to promote our maturity (the men) and avoid highlighting our fading youth (the women)…? Or is it because men like to state facts?

If you had to describe yourself to a group of strangers in a few lines, what would be your opening words? Please share them as a comment below…

7 Responses to “Age concern”

  1. 1 Mrs R

    I am married to Alex. He is 48.

  2. The thing is Alex you’ve now built an implied bias into your experiment. You should have asked for the introductions and then told us your reasoning. As it is I can’t work out whether I would have put my age in or not.
    There is the possibility I may be over thinking this.
    I’m Drew, i like music, sport and beer. I may or may not be tempted to tell people my age without provocation.

  3. Mmm let’s see…

    I’m Becky, I’m 23 (24 in two days time) I’m addicted to tattoos, I love films & I’m a massive book worm.

  4. 5 Steve M

    I recall my time as an insurance agent when ladies of a certain age, and it was invariably the ladies, would add years in an attempt to get the response “You do look young for your age.”. It always made me smile as I had a book open with their date of birth written down in front of me as I wrote down the record of their payment.

    I’m Steve. My hobbies are gardening and motorcycling. I also enjoy going to the theatre and wine.

  5. 6 Amanda

    Brilliant, incisive, witty, exceptionally clever, generous, and humble.

    • Amanda – that’s you to a T. For some reason your comment above got filtered out to the spam queue. That’s why it has only just appeared. WordPress have obviously never met you 🙂

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