Final touch


I spent most of the weekend painting the exterior woodwork of the house. I started with a part that is not easily viewed, just to get a bit of practice.

To clean and access the area to be painted I removed the guttering. Which is easier than it sounds, I found out that it just unclipped. This was lucky because I don’t know what the proper name is for the bit of wood under the eaves where the gutter is fixed, so it would have been embarrassing to ask for advice in the DIY shop.

I prepared the surface, cut out a rotten bit of wood (not much) and filled the hole with simulated wood. Then I spent some time getting the artificial wood off my fingers – that stuff is sticky! I had sanded and wiped all the surfaces by the end of day 1.

On day 2 it didn’t rain. Just like the preceding 36 days, although it did get a bit cloudy at one point. I made good progress with the painting. It is very satisfying to paint a long, uncomplicated stretch of wood with white gloss. It is very irritating looking back at the long uncomplicated stretch of wet paint and seeing that all the small black flies in the neighbourhood have just landed on it “to see if it really was wet”.

At one point an ant climbed into my tin of paint. I gently rescued the little fellow with the tip of my brush. He walked away a bit unsteadily across the patio, leaving a tiny trail of white footprints.

By the end of the afternoon the job was done. I remounted the guttering. Everything went well until I reached the last clip at the end of the gutter. As I pushed the plastic into place there was a crack and the screw holding the clip sprang out, attached to a chunk of rotten wood.

I replaced it with my fist and a bit of plastic wood, congratulating myself on selecting a part of the house which is not easily viewed.

8 Responses to “Final touch”

  1. 1 Andy F

    Those bits of wood will be the barge boards.

    Something strange happened last night, not sure what is was but it made the ground a bit damp.

  2. 3 Andrew

    Facia is the bit the gutter is attached to, Soffits are the bit at 90 degrees to it underneath and bargeboards go under the eaves opn the side! …

    • Thanks Andrew – one of those explanations where a picture helps, I think 🙂 – But now I know that I’ve got a hole in my fascia, they won’t laugh at me at the DIY shop – thank you.

  3. 5 Derek Wright

    Just out of interest, Alex – how did you know that the ant was male?

    • Derek – aren’t all ants male except the queen? Like bees and the next in line to the throne?

      • 7 Derek Wright

        My understanding is that most ants are sterile females (who do most of the work and protecting the colony) and a few fertile males who laze about and do little else than ‘perform’ on accasion for the queens.

      • 8 Paul Smith

        Alex, Perhaps you should consult with an owner of an ant farm. Be cautious however as the vehicular access to the farm will be severely restricted!!!

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