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One of the envelopes on the doormat this morning contained a booklet: “Easy Online Banking”. It was from a bank.

The Easy Online Banking booklet contained 48 pages of text and screenshots. There were two photos of attractive women in their early thirties and two photos of grey haired men. Both the women had laptops. One of the men had his hands in his pockets (it’s that easy, this banking) and the other man was smiling (he is a probably a banker).

I have been a bank customer for the last 35 years – not at the same bank, because I changed banks when the service got too bad and they charged us for going overdrawn due to an error they had made. During those 35 years I have never before received a 48 page instruction booklet about how to be a customer. But I did receive a single sheet showing me how to write a cheque in 1976.

So I assumed that the new online banking service must be more complicated. I must be able to do things that I could not do in the past.

I read the booklet – all 48 pages. It turns out that Easy Online Banking is just like other Banking. I will be able to put money in the bank. Leave it there for a while and then pay people for stuff until there is none left. It is neither easier nor more difficult.

On page 27 of the booklet it says: “Not sure what to do? Every page has a Help button, which gives easy access to useful tips on how to get the most out of internet banking.” This sounds similar to a 48 page user guide, but more convenient and always ready to hand when you need it.

The booklet is recyclable.

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