Just another day


Monday morning dawns bright and clear. Or is it Tuesday? Hang on. All these holidays and bright clear mornings have confused me.

I turn to the local paper to check the date. Good to see that nothing in the world is more significant than the front page news about Norwich City’s accession to the premier league. I flip through the pages. Another two sides of Norwich City. A story about someone taking their clothes off in the name of art. And… what’s this? The death of the world’s most notorious terrorist leader, on page six.

I remember those days of confusion and bewilderment nearly ten years ago when I was stranded in New York on a short business trip. That day and night when all you could hear was sirens.  That sunny Tuesday morning when I watched horror unfold, standing next to a woman whose daughter-in-law was in the building that burned.

Every morning for seven days the sky was bright and clear. No aircraft cris-crossed the blue and between the sirens it was so quiet that you could hear birds singing. It was as if the world was holding its breath.

This Tuesday morning the sky is blue. I can hear the birds singing. And I’m glad that Norwich City is promoted.

One Response to “Just another day”

  1. 1 Andy F

    And I expect there are quite a few sore heads in Norwich today

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