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Wedding fatigue


It’s good to be back in England, where there is less excitement about the Royal Wedding… The local newspaper in Brisbane had a special daily feature with a countdown to the wedding and story about the royal couple in every edition. It’s less good to be back in British summer time when my body clock […]

Brolly deficit


It is raining sub-tropically here in Queensland this morning. There is nothing like a sub-tropical downpour to make you realise the benefits of a good umbrella. I do not have a good umbrella.  



Jaywalking is not allowed in Brisbane. This means that you are only allowed to cross the road at designated crossing points when the lights are green. I don’t know why it is called ‘jaywalking’. If you cross the road in the wrong place or at the wrong time, you can be fined forty dollars on […]



Every now and then a piece of insurance trivia surprises me. This week I found out that the global reinsurance cost of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami is less than the global reinsurance cost of the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake. Why….? …Because everyone expected a devastating earthquake in Japan. Reinsurance costs were so high that […]

Soft cell


I’ve stayed in enough hotels to be suspicious when the desk clerk tells me “I’ve upgraded you to a one-bedroomed executive suite”. This usually means that the regular rooms have been overbooked and they are obliged to find somewhere else to put you. In most cases this will be a room which a fussy executive […]