Miserable time


Here in the UK holidaymageddon is upon us. [For readers in other countries: the unusual alignment of Easter, 1st May and a Royal Wedding means that we have four public holidays in the next 11 days. This is what happens when the timing of some holidays is determined by the position of the Moon in relation to the Earth and the mating rituals of the sovereign’s grandchildren (true facts). That is what made Britain great].

I am looking forward to the holidays. I need to get some work done and the recent fine weather has been very distracting. Fortunately it traditionally rains on all public holidays (especially if there is an important wedding), so I should be spending plenty of time indoors in front of my laptop.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Mrs R. She has been very busy with rehearsals and working every night in the orchestra for Les Miserables at the Norwich Playhouse this week. It’s a great show. (Do you see what I did there? An advertorial.)

Have a good holiday and enjoy Easter, wherever you are!

2 Responses to “Miserable time”

  1. Happy Easter to you & your family!

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