Sporting chance


As a shopping experience it is unappealing. You are required to select items with limited information about what they contain. They may or may not feature precisely what you want. The items in question are only on sale for 26 days. Once purchased, the items will not be delivered for over a year. In fact you will not even know whether or not you have got the items you wanted until after you have paid for them. You will be allocated your purchases in a random draw. You can only pay for them using one brand of credit card. If you do not have the correct brand of credit card you are required to obtain one before you can complete your order. If you decide that you do not want the items that you have paid for you can only dispose of them via the original vendor. You cannot give or sell them to anyone else.

Still… I have ordered a small selection of tickets for the 2012 Olympic events.

2 Responses to “Sporting chance”

  1. 1 Sarah F

    We’ve gone for these items too. My hubby is quietly hoping that we don’t get all the one’s we’ve applied for as we did the order with a debit rather than credit card.

    PS. Daughter 2 got a merit in grade 3 piano 🙂

    • Yes, blind purchasing could cause cashflow pressure. I’m hoping that we get tickets at the low end of the price range we specified.

      Congratulations to daughter 2!

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