On impulse I bought a waffle iron in my favourite shop. It seemed good value. Everyone likes waffles.

When I first switched it on, to test it without any waffle mixture, a small column of smoke rose from the top and it smelt strange.

I retrieved the instructions from the bin: “Nar vaffeljamet anvands for forsta gangen kan det ge ifran sig viss lukt…”

I flicked through the pages: “When the waffle iron is used for the first time it can emit a strange odour. This is completely normal.”

Reassured, I googled “waffle recipe” and selected one of the 165,000 results. It looked quite straightforward; flour, baking powder, eggs, sugar, milk… sour cream, soda water. Soda water? I selected another recipe which didn’t contain carbonated drinks and got mixing.

I discovered that there is only one important skill in making waffles. It is all about pouring the right amount of waffle mixture into the hot iron. Too little mixture and you get misshapen midget waffles which are over-crispy at the edges… Too much mixture and you get a sudden waffle-tsunami which overflows the hot iron and cascades across the worktop. The family enjoyed the experiments. We are planning to eat waffles every day.

Afterwards I discovered that dried waffle batter on the kitchen worktop is very difficult to clean up. Especially when it has been baked by the underside of a hot waffle iron. I also discovered that if you scrape off dried waffle batter with a knife, the knife will leave a mark on the worktop. Finally I discovered that you can conceal a mark on the kitchen worktop with a well-positioned toaster.


2 Responses to “Waffling”

  1. 1 Mike S

    Looks like there might soon be a rival for your affections:-

    ….and only a stone’s throw from Chapelfield.

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