Jaywalking is not allowed in Brisbane. This means that you are only allowed to cross the road at designated crossing points when the lights are green. I don’t know why it is called ‘jaywalking’. If you cross the road in the wrong place or at the wrong time, you can be fined forty dollars on the spot. Even if there are no cars in sight.

There are no signs to tell you about this. There are no obvious explanations of the rules about how far you have to be from a suitable crossing point before you can walk straight across the road. For all I know you might have to walk three miles along one side of the road to a crossing and three miles back again on the other side to get to a shop across the street.

So far I have transgressed three times, early in the morning, when I have crossed from the hotel to the park opposite. I have not been caught.

I am the new Ned Kelly.


4 Responses to “Outlaw”

  1. 1 Graham

    I got caught standing on the central reservation outside Raffles Hotel in Singapore once, It was the best place to be to get the photo I wanted. I new I was in trouble as soon as I saw the police van stop in my view finder. They were very understanding and even moved the van so I could take the photo before they helped me into the back of it.
    I was driven to the pavement and then a very short policeman told me off and explained the dangers of my actions, it did seem strange to be told of by someone who looked about twelve.

  2. But do you have a Ned Kelly-style hat? Can’t be a new Ned Kelly without a Ned Kelly Hat.

    • Drew – it would probably be extra-dangerous to cross the road with impaired vision due to a cast iron headpiece (although it would make a dent in the windscreen).

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