Peak performance


Phew. I’m back safely. I didn’t have to chop off any of my limbs, although my fingers got so cold I thought that they might shatter if I banged them on a rock.

My compass seems to be defective. It points north in many directions and disagreed with my GPS device. At first I thought that it was simply an argument between the analogue generation and the digital upstart. Then I decided that the compass has had enough of travelling alongside my camera in its case with a magnetic catch.

It was very windy and cold on top of the mountain. I didn’t quite reach the summit because the snow was too steep and icy and remote. I could have done with my crampons. I felt that although I could have climbed up, I would have struggled coming down. That is what happens when you are old and cautious – you adjust your aims to fit the resources available and still feel pleased with the result.

My climbing companion, resting.


4 Responses to “Peak performance”

  1. I thought the compass was just another iphone app?

  2. 3 Kinside

    Yes, I find that as you get older there are things that you think you could do (or used to be able to do) but you can think of many more reasons why it’s not a good idea / a bit risky / you don’t have time / perhaps when you’re feeling a bit fitter / you’d look a bit daft / maybe if no-one was watching etc etc. But actually, just getting old!

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