Myth taken


History is created by those who write it down. The people who offer to do the writing and preserve the record are often supported by those in charge at the time.

We would never have known about Hannibal’s magnificent march across the Alps with his war elephants without Livy’s efforts to write the history of Rome. We would never have known about the population of Norman England without the dedication of dozens of humble clerks who braved bandits, disease and discomfort to capture the facts for the Domesday Book.

Our view of Roman times and life in Norman England have been shaped by such things.

Today I read a published case study about an IT project. I am familiar with the project. The case study was factually correct, but omitted to mention that the project was reduced in scope and had many features deferred in order to preserve the delivery date and remain within cost targets. The names of those who oversaw the project and the organisations who helped (and who now wish to sell similar services elsewhere) are prominent in the document.

In 500 years time, in 1,000 years time, scholars will pore over such texts and declare that this was a remarkable era in which project management reached a zenith.

The lesson is: always volunteer to take the notes in a meeting so that you are the one who is creating history. Or write a blog.


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