Learning organisation


Has anyone else looked at iTunes U (the online ‘university’) and downloaded a load of (free) worthy learning materials? Did you do it with good intentions, but with no idea of when you would find the time to learn a new language / study art criticism / master genetics / re-cap on basic physics etc?

My iTunes profile makes me look like a renaissance intellectual cramming for the Mastermind final. But I haven’t actually listened to or read any of the 154 courses or books I have acquired.

I have however viewed a lot of rubbish on You Tube. You know how it is? You start by looking at important news footage and find yourself watching videos of kittens stuck up telegraph poles two hours later.

It’s time to get serious. Tomorrow I have a train journey. I shall listen to a lecture on Russian politics.

If you see me with my eyes shut and my headphones on, please don’t disturb me. I will be concentrating.


2 Responses to “Learning organisation”

  1. 1 Kinside

    Yes! We’re busy creating content whenever we can. We have a Fellow’s seminar coming up in February (audio to be recorded for podcast) which will be all about smelly sex, although I’m not sure that’s the exact title (would generate a lot of downloads though!), it’s something to do with pheromones…

  2. Thanks K – Brilliant! Some words in your comment are going to help my search engine optimisation… Time to get some adverts on my home page.

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