Photo shopped


A 78-year-old retired professor was stopped by police in Norwich after complaints that he was taking photos of buildings.  This caught my eye.

I have a camera. This year one of my plans is to take some photos of buildings in Norwich, relating to a historical theme. I may also take photos elsewhere in Norfolk. Of buildings.

I am going to become an outlaw. Like Robin Hood, but with fewer merry men and not in Sherwood Forest. And without the robbery motive.

Am I prepared to be arrested for my art?

(No, I’m not. If there is a problem I will just get pictures from Google street view. They are above the law.)


2 Responses to “Photo shopped”

  1. 1 adam

    Alex – it crossed my mind that in these days of universal CCTV it was somewhat ironic that the Police stopped this gentleman for taking pictures – perhaps they wished to snub out a potential competitor to their monopoly?


  2. 2 Kinside

    It may just be that professors look particularly suspicious – a Harvard professor was arrested recently for breaking into his own house after forgetting his key. If you perfect the absent-minded, sartorially unconcerned, otherworldly look of an experienced professor you could probably get arrested doing anything!

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