Retired for the winter


If you live in North Norfolk and were hoping for a white Christmas, I’m sorry.

I’ve just managed to get some winter tyres for the car. This means that the temperature is about to soar. All the snow will melt, daffodils will bloom and spring will arrive unusually early next week.

In common with all the other investment decisions I have made in my life, the value of having winter tyres on my car will plummet from this moment onwards.

I hope that some people, for whom this winter has been a nightmare, will be grateful for my contribution to restoring normal weather patterns.


4 Responses to “Retired for the winter”

  1. 1 Vicki Hingley


    Merry Christmas, have a great one. Thank you for all the posts this year, entertaining as ever, and my first port of call in the morning. A great way to start my work day…

    Take Care


  2. For the record, I am very grateful, my journies have been very straightforward and you have my thanks. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Drew. Looks like the weather charm is continuing. Should be ok until you next have to go to pick up an undelivered parcel…

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