Snow joke


There was some traffic disruption in Moscow due to heavy snow in the last couple of days apparently. There are 9,000 snow ploughs on the streets of the city and they struggled to cope, often getting caught in congestion due to the snow.

There was considerable traffic disruption in London at the weekend, due to heavy snow. London has a lot less than 1,000 snow ploughs.

I have a solution to snow disruption on London’s streets.

Fit small snow plough blades on the front of every London Taxi as a condition of licensing. Fit a small tank of cheap de-icing fluid (sweet sherry for example) to drip slowly from the back of the vehicle. Pay the cabbies a small premium to clear the roads as they go about their daily business. The main routes and many side streets would be regularly swept.

There are 21,000 black cabs in London, which knocks Moscow’s small fleet of snow clearers for six. Simples.

[I am working on a similar plan for Heathrow. It is the world’s busiest airport with planes taking off and landing every 90 seconds. Some sort of plane/snow plough combination would certainly do the trick: jet engine / snow blower – it’s not a big leap. I’ve just got to think through the details.]


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