What, again?


Oh. More snow. That’s… fun. The last lot had only just disappeared. Or not quite disappeared in fact. There was still a small patch in a shady corner of the garden.

I am congratulating myself on making space for the car in the garage. But I am kicking myself for not buying some winter tyres on ebay last August. There was a part-used set of four tyres and wheels, which would have fitted my car. And bidding was slow.

I could have been smugly driving around with excellent traction. I could have slowed down in a controlled fashion and all the other cars behind would have skidded into my rear bumper. That’s the problem with winter tyres. Until the majority of other road users have got them, they are a liability.

Meanwhile I drove cautiously back from the coast this evening. I could sense Mrs R gripping the edge of the seat each time I went round a corner. I was tempted to mock her anxiety, but I know that would have been the precursor to an inevitable slide into a ditch, followed by recriminations. It was better just to drive cautiously and keep quiet.

When we arrived safely home I said, “could you just hop out and open the garage door please?”

So Mrs R stepped out into the wet and windy snowstorm and fumbled with the key and the cold door handle. I sat in the warm car and drove straight into the shelter. I stepped out with dry feet and warm hands.

“Thanks,” I said.


2 Responses to “What, again?”

  1. 1 Andy F

    I had an automated door opener fitted to may garage door last year. Excellent, sit in the car in the warmth, garage door opens, drive in, close door and enter house through internal door. Also in this weather you can drive around smugly in your car completely clear of snow, realising how many others evidently don’t garage their car.

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