People have been singing Christmas songs in the chilly darkness of Norwich cathedral for nearly 1,000 years. The pale stones have seen some changes over the centuries, mostly for the better, but the traditions persist.

Tonight I added my own, slightly croaky, filament to that tenuous thread of tradition. Linking me, in my goretex coat and fleece, to the scratchy-cloaked, fearful and credulous early mediaeval father of four who stood on the same spot about nine hundred years ago and sang, peering up into the gloomy rafters.

Apart from that I spent the day writing a job application. Which will probably be scrumpled up in someone’s bin with a dozen other hopeful applicants and completely forgotten in a month’s time.


2 Responses to “Timelines”

  1. would you like a job at selfridges? i fear i am getting the sack. (because my gift wrapping skills are something akin to rowan atkinson in love actually, not gonna lie)

    • 2 Graham (Aviva)

      Alex, If you are looking for a project I have one which needs some work but I’ve not had time to spend on it. It could become something much bigger if I could get some funding from the right places.

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