Tuesday night fever


Urgh. I’ve got not-flu. It isn’t flu because I have had a flu jab. I will blog again when I feel better.

5 Responses to “Tuesday night fever”

  1. we used to call it a cold in my day… ;¬)

    • 2 Mrs R

      Maybe you called a cold a cold but what Alex has is not a cold so I don’t think you would call it a cold.

    • Drew – Thanks for eliciting a spirited defence of my condition from Mrs R. It shows she cares. 🙂

      • 4 Mrs R

        Yes, thanks Drew – until then Alex clearly hadn’t noticed that I care, despite my ministrations to him in his sick bed in between carrying out his chores as well as my own.

  2. I sit corrected and hope that your unidentified, probably viral, infection disappears shortly.

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