Getting out of a nasty scrape


Scraping ice off the car is a seasonal pleasure. I enjoy those few minutes of concentrated effort on a frosty morning, wreathed in clouds of breath. The noise of an ice scraper on a deep frozen windscreen can be gratifying as it changes from a rattly scccrrraaaaattch across the top of the icy surface, to a throaty rrrrraaaaaaaassssspppp as the plastic blade bites through to the glass underneath.

After three consecutive days the pleasure wears off. It becomes a tedious chore and you begin to wonder whether it really would be stupid just to pour hot water over the screen.

So yesterday I moved the junk around in the garage until there was enough room for a small car between two teetering walls of garden furniture, bicycles, cardboard boxes and barbecues. Then I scraped the car windscreen enough to allow me to drive it cautiously into the gap.

This morning the temperature is approaching minus double figures. There is ice on the inside of the garage windows, but the car is dry, clear-windowed and shiny. I am very pleased.

It is a shame that I do not have to go anywhere today.


One Response to “Getting out of a nasty scrape”

  1. isn’t that always the way?! I’m not a fan of the ice scrapping either, although it is preferable to walking…

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