May I have the pleasure…?


“I hope we won’t have to swap partners,” I muttered, as Mrs R and I prepared to go out.

“Oooh,” she said. “Do you think it will be that sort of party?”

“I hope not,” I grimaced. “I don’t think that I’m ready to perform with somebody else. I need more experience.”

We continued practicing our Foxtrot in the kitchen. Step, step, side, together.

It was the day of the Christmas dinner dance for our ballroom dancing school. With just eight lessons completed (we missed a couple) we were about to take to the floor in public at one of Cromer’s most prestigious hotels.

We were a bit anxious. There is a lot of etiquette in ballroom dancing and the floor would be crowded. I wasn’t sure that our collision avoidance system was adequate. Particularly after a three course Christmas dinner. And wine.

As it turned out, it was great fun. We waltzed and rhumbaed and foxtrotted and cha cha chaed without any major incidents or injuries. I sat out the dance where the gentlemen required two ladies each, although Mrs R participated with gusto. I did take part in the game with the hats, and nearly won it.

There were some dances which we didn’t know. The tango looked like fun, with plenty of strutting and pouting. Perhaps we will learn that next term.

Afterwards as we slithered through the snow back to the car I admitted that I had enjoyed myself. We weren’t the Ann Widdecombes of the show. Nor were we the stars. Just a couple who danced well enough to have fun without falling over or tripping up anyone else. That’s all.


One Response to “May I have the pleasure…?”

  1. That may be all but that sounds like quite a lot to me. Good stuff.

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