Warm welcome


It’s cold out. My house is not suited to an easterly wind. It’s cold indoors too. If you work from home you notice things like this.

In the middle of the morning there was a power cut. Fortunately the central heating uses gas. Unfortunately it uses electricity to pump the water heated by gas around the radiators.  The radiators began to cool rapidly.

Happily I was due to go to the pub for lunch, to meet an old friend. The pub was heated.

Mrs R was left at home, huddled over her laptop. She doesn’t feel the cold. She insists that we still don’t need the ‘winter duvet’ on the bed. The ‘summer duvet’ is thin enough to read under without a torch. This morning I could see my breath in the bedroom. I don’t like getting up, but it was nice to go into the kitchen where it is warmer.

The electricity was off for two hours. I spent two hours in the pub. It is good to be sociable.


4 Responses to “Warm welcome”

  1. I can empathise, when I was working at home on Monday I wore multiple layers (everywhere) complete with scarf, hat and gloves – finished off with a Moroccan Djelaba. No wonder the postman stared and the neighbour laughed when she came round.

    Fortunately the power was maintained so I didn’t have to resort to the pub. As we’ve only lived here 25 years I am still not allowed into the snug because I’m not local.

    Note: I had to cut the finger tips off the gloves so I could type.

  2. 3 Andy, at Aviva Perth

    On Sunday we, in the Perth (Scotland) area, had a “thundersnow”, i.e. it was snowing with thunder & lightening at the same time – apparently very rare (described as an “once in a lifetime” event) – which put the power off for about three hours in some parts. Lightening lit snow is very spectacular (from the safety of indoors!).

    • Andy – I’m jealous. Our snow is silent and poorly illuminated.
      It looks as if you have an abundance of snow in Perth. I bet the road out of town to the office is fun in the mornings…

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