An infinite whole


The road closure continues. Most drivers have acknowledged the reality of the massive hole in the road and have stopped ignoring the signs. My potential revenue stream has dried up. With hindsight I should have asked for the money before giving the directions…

The massive hole is a mystery. I have a suspicion that the local council is planning to make ends meet by burying nuclear waste. Or perhaps some happy Spanish-speaking miners will suddenly emerge.

It would be good if the hole were the first sign of the new twenty-first century fibre optic broadband network. But I’m not hopeful. When I last looked at BT’s Race to Infinity less than 1% of eligible local households had voted for it.

Actually a Race to Infinity will take rather a long time… The hole will need to be a lot bigger if that’s the way we are going.


4 Responses to “An infinite whole”

  1. 1 Graham (Aviva)

    It wouldn’t be BT, they couldn’t organise themselve to take advantage of a free hole in the road.
    Sorry couldn’t resist a dig a BT, they are such a hopeless bunch.

    • Graham – I had a look in the hole. It is a sewer. I’m sure that there is no technical reason why you can’t run a fibre optic cable along a sewer. But it would have to be protected against rats gnawing.

    • 3 Graham (Aviva)

      Alex – if it’s a sewer then it could be BT, I think that’s where their Customer Service has gone.
      As for where to run the connection, in Holland they use the earth cable as a data carrier and it works really well. We do seem to make a meal of these simple tasks in this country.

  2. 4 Camilla

    In our village we can’t qualify for the Race to Infinity as you need at least 1000 households and we only have 791. If 75% of these vote, BT will “see what they can do”.

    However, we do have two landlines to our house. Apparently one of them has already voted (I suspect my son) but I have been able to vote on behalf of the other one, which brings our total of village voters to 14. Only another 579 to go…..

    Where do I vote to get my Local Loop Unbundled?

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