The main road is closed nearby. I walked past the roadworks on the way into town.

About a mile and a half back up the road there is a ROAD CLOSED sign. There is also a signposted diversion. There are no alternative diversion routes less than a mile and a half away.

There was a constant stream of cars arriving at the roadworks. Almost all of them must have driven past the ROAD CLOSED sign and ignored the diversion.

At the roadworks the carriageway is completely blocked in both directions. There is no sneaky way round.

The cars in the constant stream had to make an awkward U-turn and follow their tracks back a mile and a half to the conveniently signposted diversion. Some of them stopped to ask passers-by for directions.

Tomorrow I am going to set up a stall outside the house. I will advertise “EASY TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS TO TOWN – ONLY £1”.

One Response to “Diverted”

  1. 1 Andy, at Aviva Perth

    This is obviously only a short-term earner for you. Once the roadworks have gone your income will dry up, unless you make your own Road Closed sign!

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