Russian chill


Here we go again. It’s only mid-October and I passed a gritting lorry on the road this evening. I’m hoping for another long, cold, snowy and disruptive winter.

Fortunately I haven’t got around to putting away the de-icer, the windscreen scraper and the snow shovel since I last used them a few months ago.

But I didn’t mean to write about the weather. I meant to let you know that Prime Minister Putin and I both have TV sets of about the same age and neither of us has gone digital.

I glimpsed his television in the recent toe-curlingly uncomfortable interview in which a very nervous young census-taker asked a series of banal census-questions of the Russian leader, his alleged wife. and a dozy dog.

The dog was the most relaxed mammal in the room. Which was surprising considering that its normally private quarters had been invaded by a camera crew and associated paraphernalia.

It had probably been drugged. Unlike Mrs Putin.


2 Responses to “Russian chill”

  1. This morning I woke to a list of roads closed by snow and it was decidedly chilly as I left the hotel for the office.
    Fortunately there was no snow in Edinburgh – the office is about 1/2 a mile straight down the hill and my work shoes have very flat soles.

    I must remember to bring a sledge with me next week.

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