Driven to distraction


Cyber-terrorism was today announced to be one of the most serious threats to UK security, along with international terrorism and natural catastrophes.

I can understand this, but I was surprised to find that Cyber-distraction was not listed as a threat at all.

You know. Cyber-distraction. When you start doing a very simple, useful task using a computer and then an hour later find that you are looking at recipes using butternut squash or videos of dogs on surfboards and the simple, useful task is barely started and now you haven’t got time to do it properly… and so society eventually unravels one trivial chore at a time.

One way to combat cyber-terrorism would be to reduce the number of systems which link to the internet. Internet connections could be controlled by time-locks or context-locks which restrict access to specific users at specific times or for specific tasks.

You could use this to put most websites off-limits when simple, useful tasks need to be completed. And when terrorists are hacking in.


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