Window pain


Installing update 1 of 16…

Sitting in front of the family computer I reflected that running Windows XP is like bringing up a child. You look after it carefully, but even after many years it can still find ways to irritate you.

Do not turn off or unplug your computer; it will turn off automatically…

Every now and then it does something surprising or even useful. But most of the time it is chattering away. You have no idea what it is doing. It seems self-absorbed and when you ask it to do something it either ignores you or eventually heaves itself into action and does the task slowly and not very well.

Installing update 2 of 16…

It may be time for an upgrade.


4 Responses to “Window pain”

  1. Or it decides to end it all like my laptop and kill the hard drive!

  2. 2 Ben

    Upgrade? Don’t bother. I was musing, as the family computer was heaving itself into action, as to why after so many years of Moore’s Law that my modern computer running Windows 7 and IE9, had to sit, apparently doing nothing and using no CPU, for soooooooo long before opening up, you guessed it, your blog bemoaning the speed of your computer. I predict, following Ben’s law, that in 18 months time you will be waiting twice as long before your shiny new computer will allow you to do anything at all. And it will expect you to be grateful!

    Or perhaps we are both victims of cyber terrorism.

  3. 3 Graham (Aviva)

    Upgrade would be good, but try a different brand next time. Microsoft is an obvious target for cyber crims, which why you get so many security updates.
    I’ve just changed my phone to run Google Android 2.2 and it’s fantastic. I’m looking for something similar for my laptop now.

    • Graham – You are quite right. It is the “family computer”. I insist that the children use Microsoft products to give them a sense of humility and to learn patience. For my own purposes I use a Mac. 😉

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