Eye eye


Do you fancy yourself as a crime fighter? Does Gotham City need you? Since yesterday it has got a bit easier to pull on your batcape and become a mouse-clicking superhero.

I’m sure you saw the launch of Internet Eyes.

For just £2 a month (being a superhero isn’t cheap) you can register to receive live streaming feeds from CCTV cameras in shops up and down the country. All you have to do is spot a shoplifter or any other criminal or anti-social behaviour and click an alert button. The manager of the shop then gets a SMS message and an email screenshot of the misdemeanour in progress. They can then apprehend the miscreant and Gotham City becomes a safer place.

What’s in it for you?… Well, you may win £1,000 for the best alert of the month. You will get paid £1 if you watch 45 hours of live feeds (at just over 2p an hour this is below the minimum wage, but perhaps you can use it to supplement any other income – even Superman had a day job).

Crowdsourcing, like other forms of outsourcing, promises higher productivity at lower cost… with the added excitement that you might see a cat being put into a bin.

Perhaps it won’t be long before you can register to listen to people’s phone calls in order to prevent criminal plotting… and monitor their emails and browsing… The pre-launch pilot in East Germany had some shortcomings, but these have been ironed out.

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