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Now I may have read the news pages too quickly, but I think that the Pope is visiting the country this week. He is going to do a Tour of Britain by bicycle. On Thursday the Papal peleton is pedalling through Norfolk. I will be taking my bike and a packed lunch and finding a […]

One, two, three. One, two, three. Left, side, together. Ow. Sorry. Sorry. Start again. One, two, three. One, two, three… Mrs R and I went to the tautological “New Adult Beginners Ballroom and Latin Dancing” this evening. They say that as you get older it is important to try something new to keep your brain […]

Twitter story no. 3 Just got thrown out of the Comedians Convention. He said. I’m not joking.

Work out


Once again I’m in the pleasant but unnerving position of having no gainful employment. This is not that same as having nothing to do. I’ve got loads of things to do. None of them are lucrative. Some of them are tedious. Some of them are fun. The biggest problem is prioritisation. So I follow the […]

Spring cleaning


Right. I’m back. It’s September already and I haven’t done many of the things on the list of “Things I must do this summer”. I made a start this afternoon by clearing out some of the rubbish in the garage. This isn’t actually on my list of “Things I must do…”, but I decided that […]