Mugs game


“The problem is,” said Mrs R, “that I am rational and you… are irrational.” As she dried up two mugs which she had filled with water to demonstrate to me which one was larger.

“Yes. That’s why we get along so well together,” I responded, still uncertain why  it mattered if one cup was designated ‘small’ and the other was designated ‘medium’ when they had tea in them.

Mrs R is quite particular about the size of her cup of tea. Sometimes she likes a “large” mug, sometimes a “small” mug and often a “medium” mug.

All the cups we use regularly are roughly the same size. Not exactly the same size because we don’t have two identical mugs at all (see previous posting about drinking glasses). They are sufficiently the same size for me not to bother about distinguishing between them – except when I am making tea for ‘rational’ Mrs R.

In fact the only thing that I care about is that the interior of the cup is white or a pale colour. Because I’m sure that you all agree, tea tastes different out of a dark-coloured mug.

7 Responses to “Mugs game”

  1. o lord, bane of my life

  2. 2 Andy F

    The other day, my wife said she couldn’t have a cup of tea as all the mugs were in the dishwasher. I opened cupboard and indicated about 20 mugs, upon which I got the reply that they aren’t correct for a cup of tea. Don’t ask just do as your told.

  3. 3 Mike S

    Andy – Surely everybody has a cupboard full of mugs that NEVER get used? I know we have.
    We are, however, taking the bold step of giving to the charity shop all the glasses that sit in the dresser gathering dust, that we also NEVER use.

    Alex – yes you’re right about the dark-coloured mugs, but it’s not the taste – it’s the fact that drinking out of such a mug is just plain wrong!

  4. 4 Andrew W

    tea tastes better from a china mug!

  5. 5 Andy, at Aviva Perth

    “tea tastes better from a china mug!” – would that be China tea or India tea?

  6. I have awesome Vince Ray mugs, when you get to the bottom of the mug there is a picture of a “dead fly” just to keep company on their toes!!!

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