Race related

Picture of the Tour of Britain peloton in Norfolk

No sign of the Pope

The Tour of Britain cyclists are androids. By the time I saw them whooooshh past they had cycled 75 miles in about two and a half hours….and they didn’t look tired.

Their faces were impassive. Their skin was smooth and shiny. Their clothes were smooth and colourful. Their bikes made a well-engineered humming noise. They didn’t even smell sweaty.

I had arrived early to select my small patch of Norfolk verge as a viewing platform. This gave me plenty of time to admire the police motorcyclists who whizzed by first (drug squad?). I’m sure that they were most bearded policemen in the UK.

The arrival of the two race leaders was a bit of an anti-climax. They were sandwiched between cars and motorcyclists and went past in about five seconds. Neither of them had a beard.

The peloton (big bunch of cyclists) arrived five minutes later. They had probably got caught up behind a tractor near Blickling Hall and were wondering where the two guys in front had got to.

“This is likely to be the biggest sporting event ever to be held in Norfolk,” said Daniel Cox, leader of Norfolk County Council.

It was all over in less than 15 minutes.

Picture of the Tour of Britain peloton in Norfolk

Tail ends

2 Responses to “Race related”

  1. 1 Andy F

    And these aren’t even the best of the best who are riding the tour of Spain.

  2. 2 Alan D

    Seemingly those popemobiles can do up to 100mph, so maybe he was just too blurry for you to pick him out.

    Did you feel a sudden draught at any point?

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