Now I may have read the news pages too quickly, but I think that the Pope is visiting the country this week. He is going to do a Tour of Britain by bicycle.

On Thursday the Papal peleton is pedalling through Norfolk. I will be taking my bike and a packed lunch and finding a suitable place to watch the cardinals clickety-whirr past in a cloud of incense.

(I’ve had a look at You Tube and concluded that the best place to watch a cycle race in Norfolk is on a longish, straight, open uphill stretch – otherwise the competitors will be moving so fast it will all be over in a blurred 10 seconds).

It is the first time I have been excited about a cycle race since Neil Armstrong won the Tour de France for the seventh time.

5 Responses to “Encyclical”

  1. 1 Mike S

    Armstrong winning the Tour de France for the seventh time?
    Yes – apparently he was ‘over the moon’…

  2. 2 Ann

    Must be a sign of the financial crisis. I seem to remember the last one had a Popemobile.

  3. 3 Mike S

    Hmmmm….just seen the Tour come through Norwich.
    No sign of the Pope.

  4. 5 Fiona Watson

    the Pope must have got lost yesterday.
    He was definitely in the Popemobile when I saw him – but he must have turned left instead of right and ended up in Glasgow at Bellahouston Park.

    Kids I was with had decided that theis was “P in the Park” as opposed to the “T in the Park” festival that took place in July near Kinross.

    Have to say tho that a good time was had by all – and a miracle occured in that Glasgow was dry for the whole day 🙂

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