Strictly for fun


One, two, three. One, two, three. Left, side, together.




Start again.

One, two, three. One, two, three…

Mrs R and I went to the tautological “New Adult Beginners Ballroom and Latin Dancing” this evening.

They say that as you get older it is important to try something new to keep your brain active. And when you have been married for a long a time it is important to find time to do things together.

Ballroom dancing seems to kill both these birds with one sequined stone.

Mrs R of course immediately got the hang of it. She was as light on her feet as whisked gossamer. I, on the other hand, danced like a tree which does not know its left from right.

I concentrated hard and did not look at my feet. By the end of the lesson we could do a passable waltz step and a cha cha cha on the spot (we haven’t learnt corners and turning yet). We are also still talking to each other.

4 Responses to “Strictly for fun”

  1. 1 Andy, at Aviva Perth

    A whole new world of jargon has just open up for you both! One that, as you’ve already discovered, features “sorry” heavily.

  2. 2 Mrs R

    We are indeed still talking to each other, but all we’re saying is 1-2-3 and 1-2-cha-cha-cha.

    • 3 Andy, at Aviva Perth

      That’s right – the trick of dancing is to remember the words!

  3. 4 John

    Don’t forget to book up for your orange spray tans!!!!

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