Spring cleaning


Right. I’m back. It’s September already and I haven’t done many of the things on the list of “Things I must do this summer”.

I made a start this afternoon by clearing out some of the rubbish in the garage. This isn’t actually on my list of “Things I must do…”, but I decided that it was on the critical path for some of the things that are on the list.

I need to clear out the garage because I want to clear some of the rubbish from the loft. I will need space in the garage to put the rubbish from the loft which might possibly be needed one day.

Clearing out the loft isn’t on the “Things I must…” list either, but it is an essential step before I clear out the rubbish from my study. There is so much clutter on the floor in the study that I risked injury just stepping over it to get to my desk to type this.

In fact clearing the study isn’t on the “Things…” list  either. To be honest with you, I don’t know what is on the list because it is on my desk somewhere. I can’t find it at the moment because my desk is piled high with papers, books, pens, laptop, two mice, a camera, a hard disk drive, two speakers, items of stationery, a useful plastic storage box containing USB drives and paper clips, a large pebble off the beach, mobile phone chargers (2), unpaid bills, an MOT certificate, a bluetooth earpiece, dozens of receipts and old train tickets, magazines, lots of post-it notes with invaluable jottings, a remote control, a lamp and a small union jack. And, somewhere, a list of “Things I must do this summer”.

I will uncover the list when I clear my desk. I will clear my desk when there is room on the floor of the study to put important-things-that-may-be-needed. I will clear my study when there is room in the loft. I will clear the loft when there is room in the garage. I will clear the garage… gradually.

Then I will find my list of “Things I must do this summer.” By which time it will be winter and I will need another list.

7 Responses to “Spring cleaning”

  1. 1 john Musgrave

    I got a temporary reprieve from this when we bought a caravan. This meant that we could say things like: “I’ve one of those in the loft. We can use it in the van”. Then the van filled up but luckily, we got a house in France and now that’s just about full as well. Just in time, the girl next door is getting married so she’s getting a load of our loft fodder whether she likes it or not!

    • Your approach sounds much better.

      Now let me see… All I need is:

      1. A caravan
      2. A house in France
      3. A neighbour who is betrothed

      …Yep. Definitely easier.

  2. You need a paperless office and something like Things for the Mac/iPhone/iPad.

    However the stories of how you successfully carried out your tasks wouldn’t be as entertaining to read.

  3. at least there’s a process!

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