Glass aware


As a family we don’t often eat in McDonalds, but this summer we have managed to collect no less than six free Coke glasses when “going large”. This is because all our journeys so far have taken us north, where a convenient two hour leg-stretch moment coincides with the golden arches. And at least one member of the party is always ready for the larger portion of fries that triggers the gift.

On returning from our weekend expedition we put the latest glasses in the cupboard. Mrs R remarked that all of our ‘every day’ drinking glasses were originally promotional gifts. Every single one.

The earliest examples, from about 1970, were given away with petrol and are now classed a family heirlooms… The glasses with cartoon characters came with French mustard… Nutella glasses came in two sizes…

Does anyone ever actually buy drinking glasses on their own?

[Next week: Alex writes about the family saucepans]

One Response to “Glass aware”

  1. 1 Kinside

    Only when they have chickens on. Also in the cupboard are pint glasses rescued after being abandoned on random roadsides…

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