A licence to print money


As a foreigner I am excited by the variety of Scottish banknotes. They are much more interesting than Sterling or Euros. When you go to a cash machine you have no idea what will emerge.

This has led my son to form the plausible theory that the ATM simply contains a laser printer and a roll of high quality paper.

I can see lots of advantages in this. No need to transport large quantities of cash around these mean Edinburgh streets; no risk of running out of supplies even on the busiest Saturday afternoons; no chance of misloading the hoppers and dispensing the wrong denominations; almost instant conversion the day that Scotland joins the Eurozone… The only disadvantage would be the processor-sapping burden of running HP’s bloated auto-update software all the time. Which is probably why the ATMs sometimes run slowly.

One Response to “A licence to print money”

  1. At one point when i was working in Edinburgh, due to a change by both the BoE and (if i recall correctly) the Clydesdale bank, there were 6 different valid types of £10 note in circulation. Trying to spot forgeries was very difficult…

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