Stepping down


Cordless telephones are probably responsible for a lot of accidents.  I wonder if anyone records the statistics?

I was looking for the phone. Being cordless it had been moved. I suspected it might be upstairs in a child’s bedroom. At the foot of the stairs I removed my flip flops, because they are a bit dangerous on stairs, especially when descending.

The phone was not visible in the bedroom. I looked high and low. Then I decided to go downstairs to find my mobile so I could ring the phone and track it down.

I don’t think I have fallen down stairs since I was about 3 years old. This is lucky because at least 300,000 people hurt themselves falling down stairs every year (

Muttering about the phone I fell down the stairs. Somehow banging my hip, my wrist and my ankle at the same time. Fortunately I landed on my flip flops at the bottom of the staircase, which cushioned the final bump.

If we didn’t have a cordless phone it would not have happened.

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