Observe ant


An ant hurried across the London pavement in front of me.

I say “hurried”, but to be honest ants always look as if they are in a hurry. It could actually have been sauntering. I stopped to watch it.

In London it is not a good idea to stop to watch an ant. It is different from the countryside, where ant-watching is perfectly normal. I was quite loudly tutted by the person who was walking behind me.

I wondered if London ants were different. Do they avoid looking at you in the eye? Do they hurry more quickly?

When I got home I found some ants in the garden. They are country ants. Tomorrow I will take one or two in my briefcase and release them in London to meet their city cousins. They will all be surprised and will exchange stories incredulously.

I hope that they don’t escape on the train.

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