Delayed return


I’m sorry, I should have warned you. The warm, dry weather came to an end on Monday because we decided to go camping for a few days.

We had one pleasant day amongst the hills and dales of Derbyshire before the rain began to fall.

It was only a short break and normality is now restored…

“This train is arriving in Norwich two hours and five minutes late,” announced the conductor this evening as I got back from London.

A good way to celebrate your wedding anniversary is to enjoy an evening out together at Norwich’s fine Theatre Royal. The anticipation of a pleasant evening is only slightly troubled by the knowledge that you have to get back from working in London before the curtain rises, to spare your beloved wife the irritation of sitting next to an empty seat all evening.

So I left work extra early to give myself a comfortable one hour and twenty minutes safety margin.

One Response to “Delayed return”

  1. 1 Camilla

    I was on the 1730 train last night, and we were privileged to be allowed a diesel locomotive to take us through the place where the overhead lines were down.

    My favourite moment was as we pulled out of Ipswich, around two hours late, and the conductor announced: “Ladies and gentlement, shortly before arriving at Stowmarket…..” (pause) and some wag down the carriage said “…. we will be serving breakfast”.

    (In fact what they did was take the diesel locomotive away and give us back an electric one).

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