It turns out that north-east Norfolk is the original home of British civilization. Recent archaeological finds at Happisburgh (pronounced Happisburgh) have shown that humans lived there 250,000 years earlier than previously thought.

According to The Times (no link because there is a pay wall in the way) “these colonists would have numbered no more than a few hundred, and their encampments would not have lasted long”.

Hang on…. Migratory tribes. Short term encampments. Colonists.

They were second-home owners. As soon as the ice age was over some journalist wrote about Norfolk’s rustic charms in the Sunday supplements. The metropolitan homo antecessors jumped on to their 4×4 oxen and within decades the price of caves and mud huts had shot through the roof and the local neanderthals couldn’t afford them and had to move to Great Yarmouth.

That’s the price of civilization.

One Response to “Weekenders”

  1. Which may be the only time that “Great Yarmouth” and “civilisation” have occurred in consecutive sentences ;¬)

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