Hair apparent


“You didn’t ask the barber to trim your eyebrows then”, commented Mrs R, looking at me as if I was Dennis Healey.

“No”, I said, unnecessarily, “I didn’t”.

Mrs R thinks it is funny that I have been going to the same barber to have my hair cut for the last 17 years, but I still don’t know his name and I don’t suppose he knows my name.

I just turn up, we exchange a few words about the weather, the football and recent or planned holidays, he cuts my hair, I approve it, I pay and then I leave.

A couple of years ago I did change my hairstyle. I mentioned that I’d like it a bit shorter, he acquiesced and we agreed how short it should be. Now he still asks how I’d like it cut, in case I change my mind again.

Mrs R simply doesn’t understand the relationship between a chap and his barber.

My eyebrows aren’t that bad. Just a few longish ones – you wouldn’t even call them bushy.

5 Responses to “Hair apparent”

  1. 1 steve

    maybe a niche market here……. eyebrow decorations – beading, plaits, even little lights to show the path on dark evenings 😉

  2. Funnily enough i can still remember the phone number of the last barber’s i went to. This would be less odd if i hadn’t started going bald at 17 and, therefore, havn’t been in about 15 years. (01603 614037 if you’re interested. Used to be Gatsby’s on Prince of Wales rd. Not sure if it even exists anymore.)

  3. 4 John

    Not been to a barber’s for years. do they still ask if you want something for the weekend Alex? And do they still do that burn thing for stray nose hairs?

    • He offered me some eyebrow decorations for the weekend.

      During the barbecue season most people do their own nasal hair burning at home. Slosh on the lighter fuel…strike match…sniff.

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