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Media darling


The media frenzy surrounding political manoeuvres has become irritating. The Sky News high definition TV camera helicopter was hovering above the office all afternoon. It was noisy. On the TV in reception I could see the pictures from the helicopter. They were mostly of the roof of a building nearby and a car park where […]

No comment


My route to work today was blocked by a scrum. Grown men and women were pushing each other with cameras and microphones. Policewomen were urging passers by to move along. Walking along Whitehall is an adventure at the moment. I dawdled a bit in case anyone asked me to take a seat in the Cabinet. […]

Hang on


The washing line has broken. Again. It will be difficult for a hung parliament unless I can muster some support. Mrs R is suggesting that I should form a coalition.

Mexican saved


In the midst of the general election hubbub there is a small news item about five unfortunate people who got trapped upside down on a rollercoaster in Yorkshire. The ride was jammed by a poncho which got trapped in the mechanism. Fortunately they were all rescued safely after 20 minutes. It is a news item which […]

“We are arriving five minutes early,” announced the train conductor as we arrived at Liverpool Street station. I’m sure it was a well-intentioned message, but what was the point? If the train can arrive five minutes early, why don’t they do it every day? Instead of sharing the train crew’s pride in a job well […]