Child centred


A mother with a pushchair the size of a small market stall decorated with bright plastic accessories like a toy was struggling out of the doors of the shop.

I stepped forward and held one of the doors open for her. She levered the buggy out on to the pavement and thanked me. The toddler made a noise like an excited dog, appreciatively.

As she moved away, ploughing a furrow through the shoppers, I noticed that she had a cup holder on the handlebars. It was a big cup holder, holding a big cup of coffee with a lid.

The pavement traffic slowed her down. She paused and took a swig from her lidded beaker. Her child simultaneously took a swig from his lidded beaker and scanned the route ahead through the crowd. They pressed on.

How did we all become toddlers with spill proof cups and giant rolling toys?

One Response to “Child centred”

  1. Well I’ve never seen a buggy with a coffee holder on it before. That’s frightening.

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