The University of East Anglia has a very fine sports centre. In fact it is called a Sportspark, which makes it sound a lot better than a sports centre (if you pronounce it Sports Park, rather than Sport Spark, which would make it sound like a small Korean car).

I have never actually participated in any sporting activities at the Sportspark, so I can not vouch for the quality of the swimming / running / climbing / jumping / batting / balling / kicking / vaulting facilities. But I have been there to attend several conferences.

I’m not sure why there are several good conference rooms at a Sportspark. Perhaps they are normally used for snooker or darts or other sports which can be played whilst holding a glass.

A few weeks ago I visited the London Olympic Park (Olympicpark?). It is like the Sportspark, only bigger and still under construction. It will be ready soon – in fact they told me that the swimming pool has already been filled with water to check for leaks.

Picture of the Olympic Stadium

Two workmen and an Olympic stadium

Our Olympicpark guide explained how all the facilities would be used after 2012. Some parts will be a housingpark, some will be a businesspark, some will be a shoppingpark and quite a few facilities will still be used for sports.

One of the biggest buildings is the press centre, where thousands of journalists and TV crews will gather for the duration of the games. It is a square, ugly building, but well connected. They will not have to make do with 2Mb bandwidth.

Picture of the Olympic press centre under construction

The Presscentre - note foreground pipes to demonstrate size of bandwidth in drainage system

The guide did not say what would happen to the press centre, but I have already guessed… My prediction for those of you still employed in the corporate world by 2013 is that you will be attending at least one major event at the Conferencepark before the decade ends.

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