Hang on


The washing line has broken. Again.
It will be difficult for a hung parliament unless I can muster some support. Mrs R is suggesting that I should form a coalition.

2 Responses to “Hang on”

  1. 1 Andy, Aviva, Perth

    Is this a time for tried and tested (but failed) solutions, or is it a time for change?
    How you solve this dilema could affect the whole future of your wardrobe!

  2. 2 John

    I think you should have a weekly inspection Alex, a bit like a crane operator would check their cables before use.

    Now that I am in charge of the washing, washing line and everything else come to that, I make an inspection every time I hang washing out and this week identified a potential issue (pull up rope frayed) which could cause failure and rectified it immediately.

    Result – daughters work blouse is not dropped at high speed on the glistening turd that my dog sneaked out and strategically dropped under the washing. Im sure she does this deliberately, a whole garden to poop in and she choses that bit.

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