Mexican saved


In the midst of the general election hubbub there is a small news item about five unfortunate people who got trapped upside down on a rollercoaster in Yorkshire. The ride was jammed by a poncho which got trapped in the mechanism. Fortunately they were all rescued safely after 20 minutes.

It is a news item which you can read and then move on, pleased that no one was hurt and perhaps thinking how undignified it must be to be trapped upside down. But then you pause and think…


I’ve done a quick search and I can not find any other recorded poncho-related accidents. Ever.

This is a rare and possibly unique event. The humble poncho has burst on to the world stage. This has not happened since Clint Eastwood did those films with cowboys and whistling.

There will probably be an inquiry. Ponchos will be banned. There will be outcry and civil disobedience. Someone will form a Facebook group.

That is what happens when everyone is distracted by politics.

One Response to “Mexican saved”

  1. 1 Camilla

    Sadly, the DTI no longer funds RoSPA to collect those fascinating statistics about accidents. However, in 2002, the most recent year for which stats are available, there were 33,855 accidents relating to clothing or footwear, and a total of 20 of these related to Other or Unpecified outer clothing, which could conceivably include ponchos. 68 accidents were recorded in fairground/circus/zoo/amusement parks, although none of these involved rollercoasters. See . Must get back to work now….

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