Led astray


The city authorities in Bucharest are planning to kill some of the 100,000 stray dogs that roam the streets.

There was a stray dog in my garden. It was probably not very stray, more likely temporarily mislaid by someone walking along the footpath in the field behind. But from my point of view it had strayed.

It squatted by the rose bed and laid a glistening turd on the lawn.

I do not like dogs. Since an incident in 1989 when two alsatians attacked me as I pushed my first born child in a buggy along a country road, I have been scared of dogs. Dogs always seem to know this.

I rushed out of the back door with an angry shout. Unlike cats, dogs do not fear an angry shouting man. They think this might be a game. The foul defecating mutt trotted towards me wagging its tail. I retreated indoors. It sniffed its way around the side of the house and disappeared towards the main road, intent on becoming a hazard to road users.

In the distance I could hear a lorry approaching. I wondered if it might be driven by a Romanian.

One Response to “Led astray”

  1. 1 Andrew

    This is what supersoakers were invented for … my neighbours cats don’t stray into my garden when I am around.:o)

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