Return trip


“Doesn’t the house seem so much fuller when all the children are at home?” Said Mrs R. “Except the fridge.”

It has been a busy weekend. I’m quite tired. Mrs R and I need a holiday.

I suspect that it may be the perfect time for a self-drive holiday starting in Calais. Thousands of stranded Brits have been hiring cars all over Europe and driving them on one-way hire to the Channel ports. There are apparently fewer people returning home from England hoping to hire a car.

By my calculation there must be at least 5,000 cars with no drivers to return them to Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, India, Singapore, China…

Mr Hertz and Mr Avis will probably be grateful if lots of holidaymakers with clean driving licences arrive on the ferry over the next few days. There is a deal waiting to be done.

I will surprise Mrs R with a road trip.

4 Responses to “Return trip”

  1. 1 Mrs R

    I’m not convinced that you’ve thought this through…

  2. 2 Andy F

    You obviously haven’t checked on costs. My father needs to make a one way trip from England back to Spain, car hire companies quoted between £700 and £900 for the rental.

  3. 3 Steve M

    Thanks Andy. One of my good lady’s daughters is currently stranded in Helsinki. I don’t think we’ll be hiring a car to get her back. We could do a boat to Hamburg. Alex, you don’t fancy a short break in Hamburg by any chance? Might even be able to subsidise the car hire.

    • Steve – it’s tempting, thanks, but I’ll have to decline the offer. I hope the weather is calm if she takes the boat. It’s a long way from Hamburg to Helsinki if the sea is rough. I’ve heard that the Baltic ferries can be fun though.

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