Any fool…



It’s party time. You may receive a gift. Remember to show your gratitude.  Be careful to observe the rules or you may get an unpleasant surprise, perhaps a parking ticket or fine for dog fouling.


Someone owes you money. They may pay it back. Or they may abscond abroad. You will be cross with someone close to you, but they know that it is not in your nature to bear a grudge. You will receive a compliment from a friend or relative.


You sometimes feel that your role is difficult and important, but no one notices until something goes wrong. This week you will be noticed and get the praise you deserve.  Someone near to you is making travel plans, but they will be back.


You are feeling confident and energetic. A new look or hairstyle is a possibility. Go for bold colours and perhaps a tattoo or piercing.  Someone close to you will expect you to tidy up or smooth things over on their behalf.


A new challenge is looming. You will need all your feline cunning to make it a success, but for now everyone is on your side. Enjoy the moment.


A chance meeting with a stranger leads to a rewarding outcome. You feel like looking your best and making an impact. This week is a good time for you to turn heads.


If you owe someone money, it is an opportune time to pay them back if you can. You may be considering a trip abroad or a holiday. Don’t delay if you want to make a booking.


Check your pockets or other places where something might get lost. You may be richer than you think. Someone close to you will want to help you, but may be more of a hindrance.


An encounter with a  good-looking stranger leads to more than you expected. Go with the flow. You are usually cautious, but sometimes it’s worth taking a risk. Think about wearing bright colours on Friday.


Don’t leave important things in public places. This week things could get lost and you will have trouble finding them. Your relaxed approach to problems will help you overcome difficulties.


Change the password on your computer. You are always busy, but often overlook routine tasks, which can lead to delay or frustration. If you work in a team you may find that team mates are looking to you for help more than usual.


People will value what you do and may comment on your achievement. Receive their good will graciously, but remember that they will now have higher expectations in future. If you are planning to travel make sure that you remember everything.

6 Responses to “Any fool…”

  1. Would have been nice if mine for yesterday had of come true, all 3 of my siblings owe me money!

  2. 2 Camilla

    These are really excellent, almost all apply although in fact I don’t think anyone owes me any money. Spookily Gemini is probably the best – I am in fact a Gemini….

  3. 3 Holly

    Quite spookily, I’m a Libra and I have been considering a trip abroad and yesterday I booked it! Seems mine was pretty spot on.

  4. 4 Mrs R

    Well I guessed there must be two of us!

  5. Now all you need to do is rotate them on a weekly basis and you have an instant newspaper column. Good work.
    Which just makes me wonder if you could actually set up a pretty small set of standard phrases with a pick list of nouns and automate the whole thing.
    Which makes wonder if that’s how some papers do it already…

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