Handle, bah!


The sun shone. I drove down the lanes in my old car with the window open. I contemplated how wise I was to drive an old car without electric windows. Nothing can go wrong with the windows when they open and close with a handle that you can turn.

The road straightened, I accelerated to maximum speed. As I bowled along at 40mph it got a bit breezy with the window fully open.

I began to close the window. The handle snapped in half.

Ruefully I pulled over. I closed the window by lifting the top and twisting a rag around the handle stump. Then I cheered up, because I noticed that there was a spare window handle on the passenger door.

I never have any passengers because no one else in the family wants to travel in my old car. They claim that it is slow, noisy and liable to break down at any moment. They are correct about all these things.

With the window closed I continued on my way. Tomorrow I will swap the handles and my car will be as good as new.

3 Responses to “Handle, bah!”

  1. 1 John

    My daughters as a toddlers used to manage to lean forward in their car seats and wind the back windows down in our car but could never manage (or be inclined probably) to wind them back up again. Not an ideal game when you are travelling on a motorway so after the 3rd episode of this behaviour we removed the handles completely. Problem solved until we then took some friends out and they thought were murdering maniacs with back doors child locked and no way of opening the windows.

    Thank heavens for electric windows and an isolating button for the back ones.

  2. What is this mystery car that you drive? I don’t think this secret has ever been revealed.

  3. 3 Martin B

    I’ve found that when driving a left-hand drive car the window handle is a frequently tried yet ineffective means of changing gear.

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