Young punk


“Thank you young man,” said the train conductor as he checked my ticket.

Young man?

He was probably younger than me.

For a long time I felt it was a disadvantage to look young for my age. I can still remember the humiliation of not being served in a pub at the age of 21 in the company of my girlfriend and others. How they laughed.

Then, as my peers began to lose their hair, I began to feel a little smug.

Now, as I vie with others to win business as a wise and experienced businessman, I worry that my lack of grey hair and very modest paunch might put me at a disadvantage again.

But “young man” is a bit too much. After all, I was a teenager when the late Malcolm McLaren was in his twenties (just) and at the height of his creative genius.

At least the conductor did not ask to see my railcard.

2 Responses to “Young punk”

  1. 1 Sarah

    Did you know something when you wrote this yesterday? Bit spooky that you mention Malcolm McLaren in your blog the day before his death is announced!

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